[pmwiki-users] required="required" attributes

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Thu Nov 21 12:38:52 PST 2019

Hi Petko,

> 1. Good idea, thanks, I will add it for the next release.


> To enable the formnovalidate attribute it in the current version, you 
> can simply define it in config.php:
>    $InputTags['e_cancelbutton']['formnovalidate'] = 'formnovalidate';
> There should never be a need to edit core PmWiki files, everything can 
> be configured, enabled, disabled or overridden from config.php. (If 
> there is no way to change something from local configuration, tell us 
> and we'll add a way.)

Good to know for the future.
But it didn't matter in this case as I also wanted to create the diff
file for you. I do only edit core PmWiki files in my separate test

> 2. The comma at the end of the array is not functionally problematic, 
> and I left it because I didn't like the diffs -- adding a new line of 
> attributes created 2 lines of diffs. It is amazing that someone noticed 
> it. :-)

I'm "famous" for noticing such things. ;-)

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