[pmwiki-users] required="required" attributes

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Nov 19 13:49:08 PST 2019

1. Good idea, thanks, I will add it for the next release.

To enable the formnovalidate attribute it in the current version, you 
can simply define it in config.php:

   $InputTags['e_cancelbutton']['formnovalidate'] = 'formnovalidate';

There should never be a need to edit core PmWiki files, everything can 
be configured, enabled, disabled or overridden from config.php. (If 
there is no way to change something from local configuration, tell us 
and we'll add a way.)

2. The comma at the end of the array is not functionally problematic, 
and I left it because I didn't like the diffs -- adding a new line of 
attributes created 2 lines of diffs. It is amazing that someone noticed 
it. :-)

3. The upload form doesn't have a Cancel button.


On 19/11/2019 22:07, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> pressing the "Cancel" button in PmWiki version >=2.2.119 at, e.g.,
> <https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/ChangeLog?action=edit> requires to
> fill the author field at first to continue.
> That doesn't make sense to me.
> Generated HTML code should be changed from:
>   <input type='submit' name='cancel' value=' Cancel ' />
> to:
>   <input type='submit' name='cancel' value=' Cancel '
> formnovalidate='formnovalidate' />
> if "$EnablePostAuthorRequired = 1;".
> Please find a proposed patch attached.
> Notes:
> 1) A similar change worked for me in PmWiki 2.2.120. The patch attached
> for 2.2.122 is untested, but should work.
> 2) Is the comma after 'aria-hidden' in the original file okay? In
> 2.2.120 there is no comma after the last value.
> 3) Maybe a similar patch is also required for 
> "EnableUploadAuthorRequired".

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