[pmwiki-users] orientation flag and images

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Aug 7 14:28:39 PDT 2019

PmWiki doesn't do any image orientation/rotation at all. What you see is 
done by the browser, only.

Browsers do not always behave identically, so I recommend using at least 
`exiftran -a` on the uploaded (or soon to be uploaded) pictures.

Note that your desktop picture viewer (gPicView, gThumb, GIMP, 
kolourpaint among others) and possibly your file manager may rotate the 
pictures while viewing, so you wouldn't know if they are actually saved 
upright or only have an orientation tag.

In the case of your 2 pictures, only GIMP detects the orientation tag 
and asks if I want to rotate it or keep the orientation;  gPicView, 
gThumb and kolourpaint, and my file manager PCManFM all show one of the 
pictures upright, the other rotated left, like Firefox.

See also:

BTW the PmWiki gallery addons "Mini" and "Thumblist" do not use 
orientation tags either.


If you upgrade :  http://www.pmwiki.org/Upgrades

On 07/08/2019 22:40, jdd at dodin.org wrote:
> http://www.dodin.org/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Balades.Test-espagne
> notice the first and last image, they looks the same, but if you clic
> on them, the first displays vertically, the last horizontally.
> the code is the same for the two images (very basic)
> %newwin width=200%[[Attach:web_P1020187.jpg|Attach:web_P1020187.jpg]]%%
> but the first image have the orientation tag of 8 when the last have 1
> (= normal, forced by exiftools)
> so looks some code in pmwiki follow the orientation tag, not the other

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