[pmwiki-users] Problem with displaying imagaes

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Jun 28 14:20:40 PDT 2018

Are uploads enabled in local/config.php?

   $EnableUpload = 1;

Can you upload a new picture and embed it?

You should probably write {$FullName} instead of {$Fullname}, note the 
capital "N" in {$FullName}.

Is the picture name written correctly? On case-insentitive filesystems 
like FAT both Filename.jpg and filename.jpg are the same file and PmWiki 
will display it. On most servers however the filesystem is case 
sensitive and you must write the correct filename. (It happened to me 
after a migration to a new server.)

I suppose you use Attach:{$FullName}/Filename.jpg in order to include 
this picture into other pages. Does this line work when you are on the 
same page? Does it work when you write "Attach:Filename.jpg"?

Do you have $EnableRelativePageVars = 0; in config.php? If so you should 
remove it.


On 28/06/2018 22:22, Peter Schwegler wrote:
> Hello All,
> Due to other projects I didn´t use pmwiki for quite a while. When I
> started using it again I upgraded to the newest version (2.2.107) and
> I also upgraded Opensuse to the newest version (PHP is now 7.2.5,
> Apache is 2.4.33).
> The problem I have is that images are not displayed but only the line
> *Attach:groupname.pagename/filename.jpg* is displayed. I use
> *Attach:{$Fullname}/Filename.jpg *when editing a page as per an
> earlier advise from this group.*
> *
> I have used this on quite a lot of pages and until the upgrades it 
> worked ok.
> Do you have any idea what causes this, and more important, how to get
> the images back. Perhaps I overlooked something but I couldn't find
> the answer in the forum or in the documentation.

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