[pmwiki-users] Problem with displaying imagaes

Peter Schwegler peterschwegler at quicknet.nl
Thu Jun 28 13:22:54 PDT 2018

Hello All,

Due to other projects I didn´t use pmwiki for quite a while. When I 
started using it again I upgraded to the newest version (2.2.107) and I 
also upgraded Opensuse to the newest version (PHP is now 7.2.5, Apache 
is 2.4.33).

The problem I have is that images are not displayed but only the line 
*Attach:groupname.pagename/filename.jpg* is displayed. I use 
*Attach:{$Fullname}/Filename.jpg *when editing a page as per an earlier 
advise from this group.*

I have used this on quite a lot of pages and until the upgrades it 
worked ok.

Do you have any idea what causes this, and more important, how to get 
the images back. Perhaps I overlooked something but I couldn't find the 
answer in the forum or in the documentation.

Thank for your help in this matter.



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