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Hello friend, 

I've acquired a shock  for you, it's  awesome and brilliant, you'll like it for  sure. Check it out http://www.margefilms.com/interview.php?UE9wbXdpa2ktdXNlcnNAcG1pY2hhdWQuY29t

Sincerely yours, John Rigdon

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I worked in a lot  of not for  profits as a volunteer to get practical office experience.  I then got a job as an  administrative assistant at an insurance brokerage firm and worked my way up. Took about 5 years till I was working major claims  of hundreds of  thousands of dollars for international clients. Then I quit  and took a  part  time job as an insurance administrator at a not  for profit  and am  currently doing  my masters in international development. 
Through  my contacts at my current NFP I  met some  people that needed someone 2 days a week as a community development  officer for 6 months  at another  NFP. Which means that  I'm dropping a few  subjects  this  semester,  but  updating my  resume with a  job in the field I  want to enter. I'm currently 29 and about to turn 30. 
I  have a Bachelor of Arts  with  a  double major in cinema and English literature  with honours in cinema.  Really  great for waiting tables :)
My boss at the claims job that gave me a chance in insurance liked that I had an  arts degree. It meant that  I could read and  write and analyse the written word. 
All  you need is to try and get some volunteering hours  up and then meet someone who's willing to take a chance on someone who's  smart and  driven. 
I know it's quite convoluted, but that's the path  I've taken. I  really recommend volunteering at places to get some experience. I actually got  employed at a few places based on  my willingness to volunteer -  it makes a  big difference. 

Best of  luck!!!

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