[pmwiki-users] Noticed a fox bug

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Sat May 13 14:42:03 CDT 2017

this bug in fox.php should be fixed now, in the latest version.
Now the foxtemplate parameter can be used in (:foxadd... :) and
(:foxreplace ...:) markup directives, which allows for a template
specific for a foxaction, and several even for the same target page.

I did a major code rewrite, to remove some illogical constrictions in
the way multiple foxactions were processed.

Now all foxactions targeted at the same page are processed in one go,
with a single page load and page save, which should result in faster
page processing for forms using several foxactions, or targetting
several pages.

Please report any errors arising from this new update, thanks!


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