[pmwiki-users] Noticed a fox bug

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Wed May 10 10:21:23 CDT 2017

Hello James,

there is no need to use a dummy.
You could use a form like this:

(:fox form1 :)
(:input hidden aaa "XXX":)
(:input hidden bbb "YYY":)
(:foxreplace target="{$FullName}" put=string mark="ccc:{$:ccc}" :)
(:foxtemplate "ccc:ZZZ":)
(:foxptv {$FullName} :)
(:input submit post Submit:)
(:foxend form1:)

The important change is to use a markup directive (:foxtemplate ...:)
rather than using foxtemplate= as parameter in the (:foxreplace ...:)
markup directive.

I also used a (:foxptv ... :) markup, rather than using ptvtarget,
but that does not change the outcome. I only did it to see clearer in the
form markup which steps Fox takes. It will do the text replace first,
and last any PTV updates.

I still need to investigate why the foxtemplate parameter does not
work inside the foxreplace markup  directive. It certainly looks like
a bug.

Best regards,

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