[pmwiki-users] Blogit (:includesection:) problem after upgrade

Caissa schach at jobkiste.net
Fri May 12 07:17:48 CDT 2017

Hi PmWiki users,

after a php server upgrade and a following PMwiki and BlogIt upgrade I
suspect, that (:includesection:) is broken.

The Startpage is "Main" and most other pages are in the main-group.
The blog has its own group "Blog" and the Blog-entries shall be shown in

now after the pmwiki and blogit upgrade Blog.Main
<http://www.jobkiste.net/caissa/pmwiki/?n=Blog.Main> shows:

> (:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist blogid=blog1 status=sticky":)
> (:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist count=12 blogid=blog1
> status=publish":)

instead of including the section.
The same goes for the Startpage
<http://www.jobkiste.net/caissa/pmwiki/>, where (:includesection:) is
used to inform about new blog-entries as well as the sidebar, where

> (:if equal {$bi_BlogIt_Enabled} 1:)(:include Site.BlogIt-SideBar:)
> (:else:)
> (:if:)

displays nothing.
I suspect PMwiki doesn't know where the blog is!?

It might be a basic question, but after 2 hours searching and trying I
am still unseccessful.

thx guys and girls

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