[pmwiki-users] Plagiarism detection

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Jun 28 14:30:07 CDT 2017

Another option is to put "plagiarized" notes in the body of the text, 
low enough down that those who just skim the first bit before stealing 
won't see it.

It won't stop those who actually read the material, but might help 
against the lazy ones.


On 2017-06-27 11:27 PM, David Bruce Murray wrote:
> Are you aware of any existing software I could use to:
> 1. index my entire pmwiki domain, and then
> 2. search the web for instances of plagiarism?
> I operate a history wiki with hundreds of articles. From time to time, I
> see some of them copied almost verbatim to Wikipedia and other sites as
> well occasionally. This is despite my notice posted on every page of my
> site asking that our work not be copied without permission and never to
> Wikipedia.
> Obviously, I don't have time to copy and paste text into a plagiarism
> detection tool from each article manually. The only tool I've found so
> far that claims to do this is a "batch site checker" at plagspotter.com.
> Sadly, it doesn't function at the moment.
> Thank you,
> David Bruce Murray

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