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Initially you could try disabling copy and paste and right-click from the

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On 28 June 2017 at 04:27, David Bruce Murray <dbmurray at musicscribe.com>

> Are you aware of any existing software I could use to:
> 1. index my entire pmwiki domain, and then
> 2. search the web for instances of plagiarism?
> I operate a history wiki with hundreds of articles. From time to time, I
> see some of them copied almost verbatim to Wikipedia and other sites as
> well occasionally. This is despite my notice posted on every page of my
> site asking that our work not be copied without permission and never to
> Wikipedia.
> Obviously, I don't have time to copy and paste text into a plagiarism
> detection tool from each article manually. The only tool I've found so far
> that claims to do this is a "batch site checker" at plagspotter.com.
> Sadly, it doesn't function at the moment.
> Thank you,
> David Bruce Murray
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