[pmwiki-users] SVG cookbook: not displayed when Attach:file.svg is inside hyperlink

Jo Vermeulen jo.vermeulen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 11:56:43 CDT 2016


I'm having some difficulties displaying SVG's inline, when they're also
linked. I have installed the SVG cookbook, and made the necessary changes
to config.php.

My markup used to look like this:

[[http://www.example.com/ | Attach:icon.png]]

I want to replace this by

[[http://www.example.com/ | Attach:icon.svg]]

The SVG displays fine if I don't include it in a link (i.e.,
Attach:icon.svg), but just displays the linked Attach:icon.svg text when
it's inside a link.

Any ideas?



-- Jo
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