[pmwiki-users] RE $SearchPatterns:

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Mar 16 01:20:49 CDT 2016

On 2016-03-16 06:12, Jim Medlen wrote:
> # Prevent results from the groups PmWiki, Site, SiteAdmin and Main
>   $SearchPatterns['default'][] =
> '!^(PmWiki|Site|SiteAdmin|Main|Meetings/Admin)\\.!';
> The pattern above blocks search results for the Groups PmWiki, Site,
> SiteAdmin and Main
> I am also trying to omit a specific page 'Meetings/Admin'
> How do I specify a page to be omitted.

This will prevent finding the groups and pages you specified when 
someone searches:

   $SearchPatterns['default'][] = '!^(PmWiki|Site|SiteAdmin|Main)\\.!';
   $SearchPatterns['default'][] = '!^Meetings\\.Admin$!';

However, this can be overridden by adding the "list=normal" or 
"list=all" parameters in the search box ('default' is when there is no 
list= parameter). So you may want to also define the same pages and 
groups for 'normal' and 'all' lists, e.g.:

   $SearchPatterns['all'][] = '!^Meetings\\.Admin$!';


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