[pmwiki-users] alignment styling question

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jul 17 12:13:20 CDT 2016

You could use division blocks:

   Left aligned text in div
   Right aligned text in div
   Centered text

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On 2016-07-17 17:44, Hans wrote:
> I cannot remember if there is a wiki way to do the following:
> Have some normal left-aligned text, have  a line break, have some text
> which is right-aligned.
> The wiki honours line breaks via config.php with
> $HTMLPNewline = '<br />';
> I do not want an empty line in between the left and right aligned text.
> How can I do this? Is there a wiki style for this?
> Example 1:
> some normal text here, no empty line following.
>                           This follows immediately and is right aligned
> %right% wiki style would be perfect if it does not affect the previous
> or following lines.
> Example 2:
> Normal text line....
> %right%right aligned text%%
> %center%centred text%%
> %left%left aligned text%%
> this is currently resolved to HTML:
> <p class='vspace'>Normal text line....
> right aligned text
> centred text
> left aligned text
> </p>
> so the wiki styles are ignored.

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