[pmwiki-users] date on main page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Dec 3 04:36:22 CST 2016

You can have a ftime+modulo markup expression like this for your next 3 

* {(ftime when="second Sat of Jan "(ftime %Y)-(mod (ftime %U) 
2)week+(ftime %U)week)}
* {(ftime when="fourth Sat of Jan "(ftime %Y)-(mod (ftime %U) 
2)week+(ftime %U)week)}
* {(ftime when="sixth  Sat of Jan "(ftime %Y)-(mod (ftime %U) 
2)week+(ftime %U)week)}

For better readability I've omitted fmt="%A %d %B %Y from 14:00 to 
18:00" after the first {(ftime. Note the quotes and the spaces. The 
markup expression between {( and )} should be on one line.

This should work with a recent PHP version (tested with 7.0.12).

Shortly after January 1st every year you should check if you need to 
change "second" with "first":

   when="first Sat of Jan "...

If this seems too complex, or if it doesn't work with your PHP 
installation, there are two recipes that may be of some help.

I believe the Grep recipe was written for a similar need:


You can show/hide dates, or make future dates bold.

Alternatively, the Reminder recipe does something like this:


In both cases you have to write a list of the future dates, and from 
time to time, delete the past dates.


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On 2016-12-03 07:22, jdd wrote:
> We have meeting every two weeks, always.
> I would like to keep anoucing the next meeting on the main page
> automatically ("Next meeting on Saturday XXXXX, from 14:00 to 18:00"
> for example)
> for example, we have a meeting on December 10 one and after that any
> other saturday

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