[pmwiki-users] Fixed horizontal menu in the 2016 skin

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Aug 5 15:16:16 CDT 2016

> what do you mean by fixed position?
> Do you want a horizontal menu which is fixed to the top and does not
> scroll away when a user scrolls down the page?
> And if yes to that, how shall it behave with the header?
> Do you want the menu appear first below the header, above th epage
> title, and when th epage gets scrolled down, the headder scrolls out
> of the way, but the menu "sticks" to the top, i.e. is always visible?
> If the latter, it needs a javascript solution.
> In  any case for the sie menu to be below th eheader, you need to
> change the skin template, and move the  whole <!--PageLeftFmt-->
> section above the <div id="wikimid"> (out of that div).
> And then you need to change a bunch of css rules as well.
> The 2016 skin has the #wikisidebar element as part of the #wikimid
> div, and it is treated to appear as a table cell. So that needs to
> change (look through skin.css).
> And then, if you just want to stick it to the top with position:fixed
> you need to give it width too. And push #wikihead down as well (give
> it top margin or so), in order that the header is still visible.
> In any case, all this is not a trivial change, you really designing a
> different skin!

I'll answer and comment starting from your last sentence, Hans.
At this point in time I would personally avoid to design a different skin.
One reason is that I would not be skilled enough (you are! with your
nice Amber skin!) but my main point right today is that Petko's 2016
skin is probably going to evolve into the de facto new standard Pmwiki
skin, as mobile devices are generating an ever increasing share of the
web traffic.

2016 skin is still at its alpha stage, a baby of just a few weeks :-)
and surely many changes will take place in the next few months.
Thus, I guess that the best thing I can do is to limit myself to add
to it, without touching the skin files, sort of how the recipes add to
the wiki without editing the core.
In other words, I do not want to place my hands (if possible) on
skin.tmpl, skin.css and skin.php.
Instead I just want to try and edit pub/css/local.css as a starting point.
I'm not sure that I know how to do it, though ;-)

A horizontal menu (as opposed to a left sidebar) which is placed to
the top and does (or does not) scroll away when a user scrolls down
the page is a good starting point, and one which could be useful.
How shall it behave with the header is a good question, about which I
personally have no clear answer right now.
Perhaps I can imagine both the menu and the header overlap and
visually coexist, so that a logo is on the left (header) and a menu

For sure, many more things could be done, but one step at a time.
Now I will try and take inspiration from your many hints above.

Thank you!


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