[pmwiki-users] Notes from the useradmin talk page.

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Tue Sep 15 09:54:15 CDT 2015

Apologies for the delay - I've been traveling.

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 12:29 AM, erik burggraaf <burggraaferik at gmail.com>

> First, where are the instructions for adding groups in useradmin Dbase?  I
> did not see them in the configuration section of the recipe page, but I see
> from the talk page that some one got it up and working.

You must be logged in with admin privileges (able to read a page with
"admin" rights) and then access the URL with either ?action=user/menu and
choose "edit user group" or go directly to ?action=user/group. It should be
obvious from there, with the caveat that groups must begin with @ -- I just
accidentally tested without the @ and it gives a misleading error message
that I'll need to fix later. (Now looking more carefully I see that was
reported in mid-August by Gerolkae on the talk page.)

Second, another user from the talk page wanted to discuss extending member
> profiles and adding pieces of information, presumably name, contact info,
> and so on.  I have instructions for how to do this and I will play with it
> a bit.

I have done no testing with allowing custom fields in useradmin-dbase.
Without doubt you will have to update the database manually (phpmyadmin or
the like) and be careful to follow naming conventions. I'd be surprised if
it worked, but stranger things have happened... :-)  Let me know what
problems you run into and I'll try to fix them as I'm able.

> Final thing from the talk page.  We want to do an operation where we
> collect info from users, save that info, then direct users to a payment
> solution.  For example, registering for a conference held by the
> organisation.  We want users to fill out their registration online, then be
> taken directly through the process of paying the sign up fee.

Does it suffice to have a configurable target redirect page after
registration? Or does there need to be a greater degree of control? Are you
thinking of having useradmin handle the payment side of things (unlikely
that will be implemented) or does useradmin just need to provide the signup
details in a URL (much more do-able - perhaps already available through a
custom form)?

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