[pmwiki-users] Notes from the useradmin talk page.

erik burggraaf burggraaferik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 11:29:47 CDT 2015

Hi all,  Now that my useradmin dbase is set up and working, I have a few questions.

I went off to the talk page and it didn't answer my questions, but it at least let me know that others are thinking along the same lines.

First, where are the instructions for adding groups in useradmin Dbase?  I did not see them in the configuration section of the recipe page, but I see from the talk page that some one got it up and working.

Second, another user from the talk page wanted to discuss extending member profiles and adding pieces of information, presumably name, contact info, and so on.  I have instructions for how to do this and I will play with it a bit.

Final thing from the talk page.  We want to do an operation where we collect info from users, save that info, then direct users to a payment solution.  For example, registering for a conference held by the organisation.  We want users to fill out their registration online, then be taken directly through the process of paying the sign up fee.

I would appreciate any thoughts you all may have.  Of course, I will chip away at these things myself little by little, but at the moment I'm really daungted by the whole idea.  If I could get a pointer to the instructions for DBase groups then I could at least practice extending the sign up form and see how users get added to groups.



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