[pmwiki-users] formatting title markup directive

Hans Bracker design at softflow.co.uk
Mon Sep 14 15:00:02 CDT 2015

> You could try the following in local/config.php:

> $tmpwhen = IsEnabled($EnablePageTitlePriority, 0) ? '<include' : '>inline';
> $tmpkeep = IsEnabled($EnablePageTitlePriority, 0) ? '1' : 'NULL';
> Markup_e('title', $tmpwhen,
>   '/\\(:title\\s(.*?):\\)/i',
>   "PZZ(PCache(\$pagename,
>     \$zz=array('title' => SetProperty(\$pagename, 'title', PSS(\$m[1]),
> NULL, $tmpkeep))))");
> unset($tmpwhen, $tmpkeep);

> This should evaluate the title directive after the inline markup rules.

thanks! It did not work, but changing the markup timing
 from '>include' to '>{-'which is the last of the inline rules I think
 worked. The new problem was that now the HTML Titel got HTML markup
 visible, so I had to scrub it out via a preg_replace call, with:

$HTMLTitle = preg_replace('/<.*?>/','',PageVar($pagename, '$Title')).' - '.$WikiTitle;

(I got the page name included as part of the HTML title, together with
the Wiki name)

Best regards,

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