[pmwiki-users] How to backup a pmwiki

William Langford unfies at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 11:31:52 CDT 2015

I rsync the entire pmwiki directory to another server every few hours.

My local/config.php has several

if ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] == 'foobar')

Things in it for changing things such as

$WikiTitle so you know it's backup
$ScriptUrl because you're at a diff http:// now
$PubDirURL see above
$DefaultColor skin change so it's obvious you're viewing a backup

I also have it set $DefaultPasswords['edit'] to something weird instead 
of AuthUser based id's etc so folks don't try to edit the backup that is 
just gonna get obliterated constantly anyway.

Depending on cookbooks and other things installed - php version 
differences and installed modules could bite you in the ass, be careful.


On 10/25/2015 5:05 PM, jdd wrote:
> Le 25/10/2015 22:22, Don Gould a écrit :
>> Hi folks,
>> I've read the link about doing a back up.
>> I've had a quick look at out installation.
>> I can't see any reference to a database, only reference to the files in
>> the folder that pmwiki is installed in.
>> Does this software use a database or is my folder it?
>> (Sorry for knob question, I didn't do the install and don't know how
>> this software works yet.)
>> D
> no database other than wiki.d folder. The simpler way is to copy and 
> zip the complete pmwiki folder
> jdd

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