[pmwiki-users] Batch-mode for PmWiki?

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Mon Nov 30 15:53:32 CST 2015

Hi Jens,

you wrote:
> In order to iterate over many (all) pages without running into a  
> server timeout, I wrote JJSIterator  
> <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/JJSIterator>. It allows to  
> iterate over all wiki pages and thereby saving the static version with
> JjsCMS.

this looks promising, but I could not get it running.
Got this PHP error straight away:

Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in
....\cookbook\jjsiterator.php on line 39

code line 39 is:

$PageList =& $WikiDir->ls($pat);

and there are lots of other  =& in your code, and I am not familiar
with these, nor understand what code line 39 does.
I do understand the general idea of iteration through wiki pages.
It may well be a good approach to my problem, if I can get it working.

The JjsCMS.php is somewhat similar to my approach, but with
differences. If I understand corectly I would not need it and could
use the jjsiterator call in conjunction with my custom exporthtml
action to iterately call the action for all or a group of wiki pages,
thereby creating the static html pages correctly, without running into
pageVar problems of relative page variables etc.

Best regards,
mailto:design1 at softflow.uk

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