[pmwiki-users] Batch-mode for PmWiki?

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Have you looked at the "FastCache" recipe?

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On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 5:05 AM, Hans <design1 at softflow.uk> wrote:

> This is a developer question:
> I am working on a recipe to create static HTML pages from within
> PmWiki. The purpose is to have a "mirror" of a wiki site as static
> pages to be served to the public, as the saving of dynamic PHP pages
> is taking too long now on the shared hosting site I am using (10 to 15
> seconds for one page, compared to about 1 second for a static HTML
> page).
> I can create a satisfactory single HTML page via a custom
> action, or as part of the normal page update via $EditFunctions.
> When I want to create multiple HTML pages in one go via another custom
> action, my function is calling the single-page HTML export function
> repeatedly, which is nearly satisfactory, but not quite.
> The problem is that page variables are getting evaluated only once,
> for the page first calling the handler function. Is there a way to
> make PmWiki "restart" after every page processed, to evaluate page
> variables fresh for every page, some kind of batch mode?
> I cannot see this in the code, so would be very grateful for some
> hints!
> Perhaps I can add a second question here:
> The exported static HTML pages are only meant for general public view,
> i.e. corresponding to a site visitor having "read" authorisation, not
> any "edit" authorisation. The page look is accordingly, without any
> "action" links and toolbars etc. The two custom actions for single and
> multiple HTML page export need "edit" or "admin" authorisation.
> It would be very useful, when the HTML export function is running, to
> have it process the page as if it is read-only, but the function is
> running with "edit" or "admin" authorisation. Can this be possible?
> This would be useful, because one would not need to insert
> custom conditional markup into wiki pages, to suppress the page parts
> which are for editors or admins only.
> Thanks for any input to this!
> I hope to release this recipe script soon, so perhaps others may find it
> useful.
> Best regards,
>  Hans
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