[pmwiki-users] Autosave and HTTP Error 500

Krait, Philippe Philippe.Krait at thalesgroup.com.au
Mon Jun 8 18:51:18 CDT 2015

Hi all,

Long-time user of PmWiki, I've been using Autosave a lot. However, a few months ago (I think) autosave stopped working, but I was too busy to really look into it (not many people using the wiki at the time). Unfortunately, that means that I'm not too sure what change in the system made it stopped working.

Anyway, the symptom is that I get an HTTP Status 500, which apparently prevents autosave from working. But looking into more detail (my debugging skills are not that high on something that involves complicated PHH and Javascript), it seems that autosave is failing because of a "simultaneous editing" problem. I have also noted that, sometimes, when I do a change and try to save it, I also get the "simultaneous editing feedback", with the save failing and the editing window containing both versions. So I think that there is some interference there.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, I'm not sure what started creating this. New version of PH ? of Apache ? Browser interference ? Any idea?

thanks in advance,


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