[pmwiki-users] pmform not working with php 5.5.26

Daniel dkml at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 9 15:29:03 CDT 2015

Op 09-07-15 om 22:12 schreef Petko Yotov:
> Have you enabled/defined some of these variables?
>   $PmFormMailParameters
>   $PmFormMailHeaders
>   $EnablePmFormMailSubjectEncode

Not in config.php

> Does the core Notify feature work?
>   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Notify

Looks like is does not...

Additional info, this pmform mailform is working well:


Maybe you can have a look in

to see if something is wrong here. But I doubt it, because up to 16:00 I
received mails from this form, and then suddenly it stopped.

In the meantime, I will contact my provider.


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