[pmwiki-users] Stand alone wiki on an Android device ?

William Langford unfies at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 14:48:26 CDT 2015


First, a LONG preface.  Six months ago I bought an android based 
tablet.  It's a nice Yoga 2 from Lenovo.  Not bottle barrel atom 
processor, 1080p screen, 20+ hours of battery life, 2 weeks of stand by 
time (or something).  The hardware seems to fit my base desires for a 
tablet just fine (save maybe the fact that it doesn't have a stylus holder).

The thing is, I still can't find a practical use for the thing.  I have 
no desire to use it as a media consumption device (see also: youtube, 
netflix, facebook, etc).  I don't really "skype" or whatever a lot 
either.  I do have an electronics workbench with a nice DSO and stuff... 
so I've naturally downloaded some electronics related apps (formulas, 
resistor codes, etc).  Also grabbed the thread pitch tool cause... I 
dunno.  Lastly, Xodo so that I can draw on (pdf) schematics while 
assembling boards or whatever.

Buuuutttt... it's still of limited use.

Found something called "UrForms" which seems to be a slapped together 
front end for working with sqlite databases.  Now we're getting slightly 
more useful.  I've created some basic "forms" (aka tables?) for listing 
some stuff I own, some stuff I want, etc. Sadly, the interface is a bit 


Getting to the point.

Why the )!(Q*%)(* just not run PmWiki on the thing ?  I really do love / 
use pmwiki for a lot of things already.  As a semi-personal database of 
sorts it makes sense!

I want it self contained within the tablet without internet connectivity 
required.  I've looked at the Standalone and WikiOnAStick cookbook, and 
neither really suit my needs.

Has anyone done a PmWiki install running from an Android device ?

Was there a particular web server / setup they liked working with ?

Any warnings / pit falls ?

I don't think I've got root on the tablet, btw.

Any thoughts on accessing from outside the device  (such as 
http://tablet:4242/wiki/ ... or somehow having a different webserver 
access the files on the tablet somehow) ?  Being able to access the wiki 
from a computer would be handy (see also: bigger screen / better 
keyboard, etc) ?

In the coming weeks, I'll prolly go about making this happen on my own - 
and will either report back here or make a 'cookbook' out of it (even if 
just documentation ?).

-Will / unfy

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