[pmwiki-users] AuthUser / Multiple login's required ?

William Langford unfies at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 12:42:59 CDT 2015


Been using pmwiki for some time.  Big thumbs up :D

For a particular wiki, it's a private one (gotta log in even for read 

A month ago or so, I moved this wiki's to AuthUser based logins.  My 
users have noted that when accessing the wiki, they'll typically have to 
login multiple times in order to do stuff.

Lets say that user 'bob' wants to access the wiki.  Bob goes to 

It demands a password.  Bob logs in as 'bob' with password 'whatever'.  
And he is presented with the main page as expected.

Somewhere on this main page is :

* [[Main.HomePage?action=logout | Log Out: {$AuthId}]]

And it renders in the browser just fine as "Log Out: bob".

Bob then tries to click on (read/browse) on any of the existing wiki 
groups ( such as [[SuperSecret/SuperSecret]] or [[PmWiki/FAQ]] ), and is 
asked to log in again.  Of if Bob had attempted to search, it would ask 
for login information again.

I've tried searching on pmwiki.org and through the mailing list without 
too much luck on finding out if getting rid of this "log in twice to do 
anything" stuff is all me or something simple I'm missing, or what ?


-Will / unfy


This is a stand a lone wiki (not apart of a farm).

PHP 5.3.28 / Apache 2.2.3

Status   PmWiki version pmwiki-2.2.77 (VersionNum?=2002077)

SiteAdmin/AuthList  doesn't appear to have anything magical in it.

Most group attributes (save siteadmin etc) are:

Set new read password:        (set by site) id:*
Set new edit password:        (set by site) id:*
Set new attribute password:        (using edit password)
Set new upload password:        (set by site) id:*

$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = ...;
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = ...;
... etc ...
$DefaultPasswords['read'] = 'id:*';
... etc ...



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