[pmwiki-users] bonny -- HeaderTitle lost

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Aug 18 12:59:48 CDT 2015

On 2015-08-17 14:41, Jean-Pierre Chrétien wrote:
> The meesgaes about deprecated e modifier do not show anymore,
> but I've lost the logo.
> Can that be related to the template being edited before
> substitution is made? Here is the template code:
>     <div id='wikilogo'><!--markup:(:if enabled
> BonnyLogoLink:)[[Path:{$BonnyLogoLink}|Path:{$PageLogoUrl}]]\
> (:if !enabled
> BonnyLogoLink:)[[Path:{$ScriptUrl}|Path:{$PageLogoUrl}]\
> (:ifend:)-->$HeaderTitle</div>
>   </div>

Have you defined both $BonnyLogoLink and $PageLogoUrl in your local 

When you look at the rendered HTML source of the page, in the <div 
id='wikilogo'> element, is there a link and an <img/> tag? Is the link 
correct? Is the img tag correct? Is the URL of the image accessible with 
a browser?

If there is no link or if the link is incorrect, you should define 
$BonnyLogoLink in config.php, something like:

   $BonnyLogoLink = $ScriptUrl;

If there is no <img/> tag, or if there is one, but the picture doesn't 
show, you should define $PageLogoUrl in config.php, something like:

   $PageLogoUrl = "http://www.example.com/pub/logo.jpg";

where the quoted value is the correct location of the logo, accessible 
by browsers.

If the URL is correct but picture is not accessible (browser shows a 
"Forbidden" page), check file and directory permissions for that logo, 
the server must have read permissions for that file.


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