[pmwiki-users] RFC: Simple link markup for a "nearly WYSIWYG" editor

Oliver Betz list_ob at gmx.net
Tue Aug 11 13:38:24 CDT 2015

Petko Yotov wrote:

>I am working on an easy to use "structured page editor" module. It will 



>I wouldn't use a WikiWord link markup because there are many page names 

WikiWord markup is IMO no more important.


>So, my current best idea for a link markup would be:
>   @PageName
>   @PageName "Link text"


>External links (http:// optional):
>   http://www.example.org/
>   www.example.org
>   http://www.example.org "link text"

sounds reasonable.

>no need to escape ( and ) into %28 and %29:
>   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colon_(punctuation)
>E-mail links, "mailto:" optional:
>   user at example.org "optional link text"

I often use @ to show a condition, e.g. 3000rpm at 230V or 15USD at 10k
(pricing information at a given quantity).

>   mailto:user at example.org

>Attached files:
>   Attach:uploaded-file.ext
>   Attach:uploaded-file.ext "link text"
>   Attach:picture.jpg             (embed a picture)
>   Attach:picture.jpg "link text" (link to a picture)
>   +uploaded-file.ext
>   +uploaded-file.ext "link text"
>   +picture.jpg
>While "Attach:" is easy to understand and type, it is in the English 
>language so it will not be that easy for people from different cultures, 
>that's why I wonder if the "plus" prefix can define an attached file?

I expect collisions with formulas.

>Or if we can support a translated "Attach:" prefix like they do in 
>Wikipedia, for example "Fichier:" in French and "????:" in Bulgarian?

I can't say why, but I dislike translating the markup. Attaching files
is "complicated" (for the non-techjnical user), anyway.

>Additionally, I'd like to prevent accidental cross-group linking as this 
>is a frequent mistake on every young wiki community I've reviewed. So 
>I'd like, for the new editor module, have these links:
>   @Page/Name.in.the,same/group links to [[PageNameInTheSameGroup]]
>   @We.are.open:24/7            links to [[WeAreOpen247]]

people add deliberately "/" and "."?


>Do you think any other inline markups could be included? For example, 
>the module will not support %wikistyle bgcolor=orange apply=block% ... 
>%% markups because they are somewhat large and new authors can get 
>overwhelmed by such complex code. And advanced users are able to write 
>in the regular PmWiki text editor.

color usually should not be used.

>Also, the new editor will only allow limited styling and organizing, 
>unlike a full WYSIWYG editor. This is simpler to implement, use and 
>maintain, but most importantly, different pages will look consistently 
>similar which wouldn't be the case if everyone was allowed to use any 
>font, color, style and size of any word they type.


Oliver Betz, Munich http://oliverbetz.de/

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