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Monte Padget m_padget at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 11 13:28:29 CDT 2015

I have been trying to set the $PageLogoUrl without success. Pointing to the pmwiki-32.gif with the default setting from the sample-config.php file as the starting point. I am not getting the icon to display in the upper left. I tried to add one for my site, but couldn't get it to display before realizing the the default one wasn't displaying.

I just uncommented out the line:

$PageLogoUrl = "$PubDirUrl/skins/pmwiki/pmwiki-32.gif";

With the $PubDirUrl line commented out.

# $PubDirUrl = 'http://www.mydomain.com/path/to/pub';

I am running a local copy on localhost in Windows using XAMPP, if that matters.

Any ideas what I am missing?

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