[pmwiki-users] strange behavior after migration to php 5.4 (and php 5.3 fastcgi)

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Wed Oct 8 09:31:49 CDT 2014

just a survey of my solution:
a changement from older pmwiki 2.2.0.beta 63 and beta 68 to  
made the installatione php 5.4. compatibel, and the sessions were o.k.

The already new pmwiki had a problem with the upload-path! error my in config
$UploadDir = $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$UpPath."/uploads";
to $UploadDir = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].$UpPath."/uploads";
assigned the correct fully qualified path.
(It's possible that in the old environment it worked by chance with a  
relativ path, as it was not fastcgi)

3) changment of a variable to {*PageURL} instead of {FullName}
with * teh variable doesn't refer to the included page.

A few simple things made the migration sucessfull. :-)

thanks a lot.
Patrick Ogay

Zitat von lists at basel-inside.ch:

> Hi Petko
> thanks very much!
> By changing the variable to a  $_Server[..] varable pictures are  
> found again and the site works as before.
> I'm very happy
> regards
> Patrick Ogay

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