[pmwiki-users] strange behavior after migration to php 5.4 (and php 5.3 fastcgi)

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Wed Oct 8 02:41:31 CDT 2014

Hi Petko
thanks very much!
By changing the variable to a  $_Server[..] varable pictures are found  
again and the site works as before.

I'm very happy

Patrick Ogay

As this wiki in question also didn't find the pictures in php 5.3 it  
is possible that the "relative path" was o.k. in the old constellation.
It's very strange that I didn't find a php warning. (thats what I  
first was searching for.

Zitat von Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr>:

> There is probably no  $HTTP_SERVER_VARS in recent PHP versions, try  
> $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] instead.
> Petko

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