[pmwiki-users] accept-charset in forms

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Mar 13 16:09:25 CDT 2014

Oliver Betz writes:
> ist there a simple way to set the character set used in a form?

No, while it is possible to try defining form element attributes with a  
dash, the current implementation of InputToHTML() calling ParseArgs()  
ignores those.

I'll add the dash as an allowed character in form attributes for the next  
version. Then it will be possible to add a customization that will allow you  
to write (:input form accept-charset=iso8859-1:) .

Something like this in config.php:

  $PostConfig['FormAcceptCharset'] = 100;
  function FormAcceptCharset($pn) {
    global $InputAttrs;
    $InputAttrs[] = "accept-charset";


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