[pmwiki-users] status update: pmwiki to epub

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Mar 12 18:29:10 CDT 2014

I plan to release a beta of this for testing in the next couple of days.

What works:
- (:epub-book:) [or just (:epub:)] on a trail page produces an e-book 
(cover page, copyright notice, chapters, backmatter)

- (:epub-article:) on a trail page produces an e-article (title, 
optional abstract, sections); the abstract shows the {$Description}

- table of contents based on chapters (books) or sections (articles)

- trail autonumbering (1, 2, 3, ...), including alphabetised appendices 
(A, B, C, ...)

- unnumbered chapters (eg prologue or epilogue)

- chapter aphorisms (quotation after the chapter heading)

- first paragraph not indented, subsequent paragraphs indented, no 
inter-paragraph spacing

- list of links as endnotes

- trail nesting is preserved and books can be divided into parts

What doesn't yet work:

- book metadata and other frontmatter (ISBN, publisher, dedication, 
epigraph, etc)

- custom book cover page (for now, it's the Calibre default)

- custom chapter heading styles (eg a $ChapterHeadingFmt variable) [*]

- autonumber !!+ markup if used in a numbered chapter or section

- testing all possible markup rules and css

- LaTeX-style floating images (avoid whitespace when an image doesn't 
fit on the current page)

- generate epub from a (:pagelist:) rather than a trail

As noted earlier, the recipe uses Calibre 

[*] This is a bit tricky. Something like <h2>Chapter 1</h2><h1 
class="chapter">Chapter heading text</h1> causes Calibre to insert a 
page break between the h2 and h1 tags.


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Affinity Limited
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