[pmwiki-users] Cookbook Recipes & Licensing

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Jun 27 02:17:02 CDT 2014

Le 25/06/2014 20:24, Criss Ittermann a écrit :
> Does this need to bother “upstream” folk?

yes, a bad licence can break the hole site licence

> Could it just be as easy as adding “License: GPL 2” (as a default, being the
> same as PmWiki’s license) to the Cookbook header template so that new authors
> are encouraged to add their license information on each Cookbook page?

good example, but there are some other free licences some people may want.

The LDP discussed this at long some years ago, with as result (but for 

* http://wiki.tldp.org/LdpWikiDefaultLicence

Having no licence means nobody have the right to change anything, it was 
extremely prejudiciable to the LDP to have docupents likes this



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