[pmwiki-users] translation table using a variable

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Wed Jun 25 09:17:35 CDT 2014

Hello again

I made further tests to use a variable in a $[ ] I18n variable.

$[{(substr {*$Trail} 9 7)}] shows data of substring, doesn't evaluate substr.
$[(:if true:){(substr {*$Trail} 9 7)}(:ifend:)]  -> doesn evaluate  
result of subst
$[(:if false:){(substr {*$Trail} 9 7)}(:ifend:)] -> shows nothing
$[{$userlang}] $[de] -> with Variable doesn't work either

I have seen that pmwiki is able to evaluate nested expressions, but it  
didn't find out yet to pass an expression or variable to $[].

I looking for a solution to translate a substring, which I get via URL $Trail.
Is there a possibility to use a function instead of Hash Syntax?

any hint would be appreciated

kind regards
Patrick Ogay

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