[pmwiki-users] translation table using a variable

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Tue Jun 24 09:27:57 CDT 2014


I updated to the latest pmwiki in the hope it may work, as I already  
posted about this issue:

$[Small] Category: $[{(substr {*$Trail} 9 7)}]  [1]
                                 |--  Small
  Klein                           Small

Is there a way to archive a translation from a substring?

Patrick Ogay

macro:  (but think doesn't work in content either)
(:template each:)
(:if equal {*$FullName} {=$FullName}:)
||table border=0 align=left width=500
|| $[Small] Category: $[{(substr {*$Trail} 9 7)}]   || (:if2  
  ! equal "{*$Trail} "  "  

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