[pmwiki-users] Cookbook XESBlog page deleted?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Jan 28 23:09:40 CST 2014

I've no idea what happened to this page and when. I have restored a version  
from a backup I have done a couple of years ago. The most recent version is  
from 2010.

Note that there is also a "XESBlog-Use" page which is still there. You'll  
decide if you want to join them and/or move any discussions to XESBlog-Talk.


P.S. On that page, there was a link to Bundle4Blog which was also missing  
and I restored it. As a contributor of this page, please check if it needs  

Crisses writes:

> « HTML content follows »
> I've been using XESBlog since I created it in 2008 without trouble including  
> installing it on customer's websites.  But for some reason the cookbook page  
> is gone (Cookbook/XESBlog).
> The .zip file is still in the <URL:http://PmWiki.org>PmWiki.org attachments  
> and the Cookbook/XESBlog-Use page is still up...
> I don't know if it was deleted on purpose or not -- if it needs maintenance I  
> can probably fix whatever needs to be fixed, but I'd rather not have to re- 
> create everything from scratch.

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