[pmwiki-users] MiniGalleria - global specificaten Galleria params?

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Thu Jan 16 10:43:20 CST 2014

my Solution for setting global Galleria Parms:

what I like:
>> Galleria  width_400px imagePosition_top showInfo_false<<
>> <<

I found that the >>Galleria ...<< parmes are transferred into the  
<div> which is read in:

var DefaultGalleriaOptions = { height: 400, width: 400, showInfo:  
false, imagePosition: 'top', .... }

these parameter work, but top has to be quoted! otherwise no pictures render.

I quess it's not possible the set the parms via config.php at the moment.

super work these gallery scripts! thanks a lot!

Patrick Ogay

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