[pmwiki-users] MiniGalleria - global specificaten Galleria params?

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Tue Jan 14 10:24:40 CST 2014


in MiniGalleria there is a documentation to pass parameters to galleria:
You can set individual Galleria options to each block. Add the options  
in the >><< block, with KEY_VALUE pairs glued with _:

transition:fade, autoplay:2000 milliseconds, width:100%
>> Galleria transition_fade autoplay_2000 width_100pct<<
>> <<

I have two questions:

how to pass a parameter as
imagePositoni ?top right?   (as in Galleria documentation)

I tryed imagePosition_top_left, which didn't seem to work.

Is it possible to set globally for example

in "original" Galleria recipe there is the possibility:
$galleria['option_name'] = 'value';
which doesn't seem to be adapted in MiniGalleria

Thanks in advance

Patrick Ogay

Site in development

I may already have told that Galleria works now on my site with MSIE.
The problem was, that my templates had another initial java script,  
which resulted in very confusing and random error messages in case of  
MSIE usage.

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