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I've worked with both, have clients who come to me with pre-existing WordPress sites, and I set up my own original work blog in a separate WordPress site (much to my current regret).

I just set up a blog in PmWiki which mimics a WordPress set-up.  http://passionizing.com and I'm updating my XESBlog bundle to include the sidebar calendar and more tweaks.

PmWiki is 
1) easier to custom-"theme" -- I'm upgrading my sites and several client sites to responsive designs.  Like the wiki-blog linked above, 1 design that works on any device.  (Resize the browser window, it's a great trick to show the kids.)  Creating a custom theme in Wordpress is SO much more of a headache.  Customizing an existing theme in Wordpress (to change colors or banner images) usually has menu options, so it's not so bad & no HTML required.  This new blog site is based on the mobile skin I already made on PmWiki.org, but I don't bother detecting mobile.  It looks great on an iPhone or iPad.
2) easier to repeat page information from page-to-page (via templates, groupheader, groupfooter, etc.)
3) easier to make custom searches and customize the design & data included in the search output
4) faster if you want to throw a website up quickly and get going -- rather than a blog.
5) blog-optional, to make a wordpress site into a website rather than a blog is actually about the same level 
6) PmWiki gives you the ability to do in-page programming and to have fine control over nearly everything that you do.
7) able to have collaborative editing out-of-the-box with or without passwording to create an "onlineopedia" (i.e. think of all the "XXXGame Wiki" like the "Plants vs. Zombies Wiki" where people share tips & tricks & screenshots -- PmWiki can do that, wordpress cannot)
8) Far less security problems than WordPress (may be through obscurity, may be due to superior security & an agile development team that fixes problems quickly)
9) Multiple layers of permissions and content control available
& much more...

Upsides to WordPress
2) Control-panel driven
3) It's a blog out of the box
4) Huge theme-making community - responsive designs are probably available there too....
5) Loads of panel-installable plug-ins
6) Panel-installable upgrades (of both plug-ins and the entire package)
7) Often available to set up quickly for free
8) Friendly for non-techies

A few recipes on top of PmWiki make it MUCH more user friendly, like drag & drop attachments, NewPageBoxPlus, etc.

I have a ton of YouTube video shorts on editing PmWiki on my YouTube channel....  eclectictllc.  Documented here:  http://eclectictech.net/Support/Support

In short, WordPress is an appliance website with some extra bells & whistles, PmWiki is a highly customizable power-house.  I've made business directories, encyclopedias, databases, etc. in PmWiki and would never dream of attempting to use WordPress for it.  PmWiki is a true CMS if you know how to use it.  WordPress is a blog-as-cmsish. :)

...truthfully, getting well seemed a lot more far-fetched than getting a Ph.D. at that moment.
  -- Cameron West, First Person Plural

On Feb 1, 2014, at 7:47 AM, Peter Bowers wrote:

> I am teaching a high school class in computers and our most recent project was creating a site in WordPress and in PMWiki.  At the end my students were not overly enamored with the setup and configuration of pmwiki and wanted to know why they would ever use that over WordPress.
> I gave several thoughts but then I promised to write to the list to get further input.
> If you were "selling" pmwiki to a group of high school students with limited technical experience but good potential, what would you say are its top advantages as compared with WP?
> -Peter
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