[pmwiki-users] selling pmwiki to high school students

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Feb 1 07:54:00 CST 2014

Le 01/02/2014 13:47, Peter Bowers a écrit :
> I am teaching a high school class in computers and our most recent project was
> creating a site in WordPress and in PMWiki.  At the end my students were not
> overly enamored with the setup and configuration of pmwiki and wanted to know
> why they would ever use that over WordPress.
> I gave several thoughts but then I promised to write to the list to get
> further input.
> If you were "selling" pmwiki to a group of high school students with limited
> technical experience but good potential, what would you say are its top
> advantages as compared with WP?

I have a pmwiki for technical doc, mostly short docs, no blabla, and wordpress 
for discussions and comments





it's much easier to find something in pmwiki because you have to organise 
yourself and it's easy to make cascading pages.

Wordpress is more linear, the ols docs may be difficult to find. May be you 
notice when searching google that you get( a page where you dion't have 
anymore the wanted article. Never such thing in pmwiki.

the best of wordpress i to have a summary link with the first sentences of the 
text and a link (tag "more") for the rest.

of course you can have similar things on the two systems, there are blog-types 
pmwiki and you can build table pages in wordpress

my web site main page with wordpress:


and with pmwiki:


wordpress like summaries on an other pmlwiki I manage:


with lines like:

(:include Rubriques.RetroGaming2013 lines=1...5:)\\


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