[pmwiki-users] Server problems -- pmwiki causing high usage -- ideas?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Aug 3 13:05:17 CDT 2014

Reading your other message to the list, I would suppose that spambots have  
abused all your shared resources. This is fixable by setting an "edit"  
password to the wiki, and checking permissions for individual pages/groups  
by visiting the page SiteAdmin.AuthList as suggested in the other thread.

The CPU usage can be reduced if you enable the various caching mecanisms  
coming with PmWiki and/or provided as recipes by other developers. These can  
mostly help if you have few edits compared to the number of page views.  
Search the documentation for $PageCacheDir, $PageListCacheDir,  
$EnableHTMLCache,$EnableIMSCaching and the cookbook for FastCache.


Sandy writes:
> Any ideas why pmwiki would cause high CPU usage? We haven't had this problem  
> before.
> We upgraded pmwiki about a month ago, maybe two, so it's reasonably current,  
> and everything worked fine then.

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