[pmwiki-users] Server problems -- pmwiki causing high usage -- ideas?

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Sat Aug 2 15:39:42 CDT 2014

We noticed this today, and raised a support ticket.

Any ideas why pmwiki would cause high CPU usage? We haven't had this 
problem before.

We upgraded pmwiki about a month ago, maybe two, so it's reasonably 
current, and everything worked fine then.

My husband's programs in cgi-bin, nothing to do with pmwiki, are also 
not working.



Here's the reply to the ticket:

<quote from host:>


I checked the server logs and could find that your account was exceeding 
the Cloud Linux resource limits set in the server. When ever the account 
exceeds the resource usage limits, the site will be down.

On checking the logs, I could see that the script 
"/home/mhschoen/public_html/pmwiki/pmwiki.php" is causing high CPU and 
memory usage in the server at certain time periods.

    ID         EP    PNO    TNO    CPU     MEM         IO       IOPS
mhschoen      0     51     51     0%      493          0        N/A

mhschoen	onebit.ca	108	/usr/bin/php 
mhschoen	onebit.ca	102	/usr/bin/php 
mhschoen	onebit.ca	101	/usr/bin/php 


I would recommend you to optimize your site with the help of a developer 
or upgrade to a VPS hosting plan where there is no such resource 


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