[pmwiki-users] session problems

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Apr 12 04:32:14 CDT 2014

Peter Bowers writes:
> What do you do when one browser doesn't allow a login while other browsers  
> do, but on other pmwiki sites the offending browser works fine?

Some browsers are particularly strict about HTTP headers (Firefox more than  
Chrome) so I'd search for a recipe sending or modifying HTTP headers, or for  
a recipe/bug sending some content before PmWiki has sent all headers.

Core variables which modify HTTP headers include $EnableIMSCaching and  
$EnableDirectDownload. Recipes which can modify headers include those  
performing some caching and those sending cookies.

On my hosting plan I can enable "production" or "development" modes, the  
latter adds HTTP headers preventing the caching of a page or file, so you  
may also check this.

Other than that, apply the usual bug-hunting strategy: disable all  
customizations (simply rename config.php and create a clean clear one) then  
progressively add AuthUser, then all other recipes, and every time test the  
wiki, until you come to a state where the bug appears.

Good luck,

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