[pmwiki-users] session problems

Peter Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Fri Apr 11 05:08:24 CDT 2014

On www.qdk.org... with Chrome I cannot use the admin password to edit.
 With Firefox and IE I can use the admin password without any difficulty.
 This seems to indicate a problem in browser config, but on other pmwiki
sites I am able to log in with Chrome without difficulty.  So that makes me
think it is not browser dependent.  But the fact that it works on Firefox
makes me think it is *not* server-related but rather something related to
Chrome.  And round and round I go.

I recently re-installed windows on my local computer, so all browsers are
just newly installed and completely up-to-date.  I also just upgraded this
particular pmwiki site from 2.2.35 or something up to 2.2.62.  I also just
installed the import cookbook (but I've commented that out with no change
in behavior).  It has been a few weeks since I had to access this
particular pmwiki site, so I'm not sure if the problem comes from the
re-install of windows (i.e., something weird with my browser config) or if
it is related to my upgrade of pmwiki or if my server has changed something
(I'm running php 5.4 - I don't recall if that's different than before or
not) or something else completely unrelated.

This is a particularly nasty config.php as I've used it as a quick-test
sandbox for years and it has nearly 500 lines, so to go through and trim it
down to pinpoint the offending line is a somewhat monstrous task.
 Obviously I will probably have to do that, but I thought I would throw it
out to the community first to see if anybody could narrow my focus on what
to look at...

What do you do when one browser doesn't allow a login while other browsers
do, but on other pmwiki sites the offending browser works fine?

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