[pmwiki-users] AuthUser Loops Back?

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri Apr 11 02:27:01 CDT 2014

Matthew Wayne Selznick writes:
> Hi -- I'm trying to set up AuthUser to limit editing abilities, but
> upon clicking "edit" and entering a username / password, the script
> loops back to the "Password Required" screen.  It doesn't say the
> password or username are invalid... just loops back to asking for them
> again.

PmWiki allows you to work simultaneously with more than one password and/or  
username, so it doesn't consider what you entered as invalid, just  
insufficient for the action you are trying to do on that particular page.  
(It remembers the passwords you entered and will try to use them on other  

What have you entered in [[SiteAdmin.AuthUser]] ? In the editing area, you  
should see something like:

  username: $1$mZ0ih5ve$04ljD3brYpWjK55n915D50

Note, there is no # or -> before the username, just optional spaces.

Which PmWiki version you use? What is your PHP version? There is a simimlar  
bug in old PmWiki versions on PHP 5.3 and newer installations. Does the bug  
appear with the latest version? Also, on some Windows servers, you need to  
have passwords longer than 4 characters.


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