[pmwiki-users] widi.d file = 0 byte

marc-alexis morelle marc.alexis.m at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 20:37:23 CDT 2013

Le 02/11/2013 13:50, Petko Yotov a écrit :
> Does PmWiki show some warning message? Something like "Cannot write page
> to $pagename ($pagefile)...changes not saved"

I think pmwiki does not says nothing. This error did not happened to me 
but to users, so i'm not shure.

> Does it happen to some or to all edited pages?

Not all pages, just sometimes. One was a homepage of a group (a big old 
page with many history : 4,5Mo). 2 or 3 others on forum (with Fox cookbook).

> Do you have enough disk

FTP says i have !

Ther was only 4 or 5 case, so i can't say if there is a common point... 
If there is not a very known problem with writing a file overwriting his 
content, in php, i think i just have to take care (backups :-)

> When did it start? Were there some changes to the system, server or
> configuration just before?

Two or three weeks ago ? Difficult to know, with Online.net, if they 
change something !

> Nothing changed in how PmWiki saves a disk file so I suppose that the
> problem is elsewhere and will not be fixed if you upgrade.

Ok; Good to know that.


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