[pmwiki-users] widi.d file = 0 byte

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Nov 2 07:50:35 CDT 2013

marc-alexis morelle writes:
> I have a little problem where the content of a wiki page disapear when
> it is saved. The size of the file is zero in wiki.d (no diff no
> content). RecentChanges shows that the file has been changed, and it is
> the moment where the content is deleted, for exemple with Fox cookbook
> (a forum) or just with page edit when saving.

Does PmWiki show some warning message? Something like "Cannot write page to  
$pagename ($pagefile)...changes not saved"

Does it happen to some or to all edited pages? Do you have enough disk  
space? Is there any pattern? Does the problem happen when the posted text  
contains some specific words or phrases? Does it happen for some page names?

When did it start? Were there some changes to the system, server or  
configuration just before?

> Le 31/10/2013 16:08, Petko Yotov a écrit :
>> It was PHP 5 (probably 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3), not 5.5.
> Yes, excuse me. it is exactly php 5.2.9-1.
>> If you cannot upgrade, look through the documentation of your hosting
>> provider on how to downgrade your site to PHP 5.3.
> If upgrading resolve the problem, i'll do it. But every time i change  
> something that works, i fear... I use some cookbooks on adiu.fr.

Nothing changed in how PmWiki saves a disk file so I suppose that the  
problem is elsewhere and will not be fixed if you upgrade.


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