[pmwiki-users] Default Skin and Responsive Web Design for mobile browsers

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jun 30 03:12:47 CDT 2013

H. Fox writes:
> The default skin didn't take mobile browsing into account, and it
> shows. Responsive Web Design is where the skin really falls short.

Do we have any PmWiki skin in the cookbook, where Responsive Web Design is  

Having a RWD skin is not only good for different devices, these layouts can  
also be made more accessible for readers with disabilities, which is a good  

> Is there a workable way to "incrementally" add Responsive Web Design
> features to the existing PmWiki Skin (using CSS @media queries, for
> example)?

One can always create an RWD skin and upload it to the cookbook for testing  
and improving.

An incrementation of the default skin is possible but if I recall correctly,  
one of the reasons for the simplicity of the "default" skin is to allow non- 
HTML-CSS3-JS-expert wiki owners to easily modify the skin to suit them. And  
those users use their computer browser more often than their mobile phone to  
edit their wiki.

A skin with all features of RWD (media queries, javascript, even ajax) will  
become much more complex to study and modify for these users.

I don't say that we will not do it, we just need to evaluate the benefits.

And by "default" skin I assume the one shipped with the PmWiki core  
distribution, not necessarily the one which is used on pmwiki.org, which may  
be modified if we decide we need it. (Even if it is practical to have the  
same skin on PmWiki.org and in the default installation.)

> Is the PrintSkin necessary any more?

I know people who use it daily in their company.


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