[pmwiki-users] Twitter Bootstrap skin

Tamara Temple tamouse.lists at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 14:41:21 CDT 2013

I know Michael Paulukonis is working on one of these, but I decided to
just go ahead and throw one together. I think Michael is working on
pulling apart the TwitterBootstrap recipe, which is far more than just a
skin. This is my implementation of the skin, following the pattern I set
in MouseSkin and borrowed from others, of using wiki pages to define
most of the content of the page areas, but still utilizing the bootstrap

* Github: https://github.com/tamouse/pmwiki-bootstrap-skin
* Working site: http://wiki.tamaratemple.com/

I'm sort of reluctant to just throw my version up on the Skins group
since Michael has staked that area out. I've added a link to the
Skins/TwitterBootstrap-Talk page instead.

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